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Two day conference of political discussion and debate
Saturday August 17 and Sunday August 18 featuring

Katerina Thoidou
Katerina is an activist from Athens, Greece, and a journalist on the newspaper of the Greek Socialist Workers Party (SEK), as well as a member of the leadership of KEERFA (United Against Racism and Fascist Threat), which organised the 25,000 strong rally against Golden Dawn on 19 January.
Greece is at the centre of the economic crisis, with unemployment over 25 per cent and savage cuts to hospitals and the public sector. There has also been enormous resistance with 29 general strikes since the crisis began and the growth of the radical left. But racism has also grown, with the openly Nazi party Golden Dawn gaining 18 seats in parliament and currently third in opinion polls. Katerina will speak on “Europe: Crisis, austerity and resistance” and “Fighting fascism in Greece”.


Sultoni Farras
Over the last year Indonesia has been shaken by a strike wave, as workers have fought back against low wages and insecure casual contracts. The Indonesian socialist group KPO-PRP have been heavily involved in the movement. Sultoni, a KPO-PRP activist from Jakarta, is head of the union federation Progresip and a leader of the union alliance Sekber Buruh. He will speak on “The rising giant: Class struggle in the Global South” and give a first hand account of this new wave of worker militancy.




Jeff Sparrow
Jeff’s recent book Money Shot: A journey into porn and censorship is an important intervention into contemporary debates about sexism, pornography and feminism. Jeff is also co-editor of Left Turn: Political Essays for the New Left and edits Overland, Australia’s pre-eminent progressive writing journal. He will be speaking on some of the themes of his book in “Neo-liberalism, porn and women’s liberation”.




Solidarity prices
If you can afford to, please consider showing your support and helping us with the cost of putting this event on! $60 Weekend – $30 Single day

Weekend: $35 Waged – $20 Concession/Student

Single day: $20 Waged -$12 Concession/Student

Note: You can purchase tickets for individual sessions at the door during the conference. Other tickets can be pre-booked here.

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Additional session at Keep Left:

Rudd, borders and refugees:
Fighting the PNG Solution

Saturday August 17, 3:30-5pm

with very special guest Mohammed Ali Baqiri
Mohammed is a refugee from Afghanistan was detained on Nauru as a child. Read an interview with him in Solidarity here

He will be joined by Solidarity’s Ian Rintoul, a campaigner for refugee rights for over a decade

Join us to discuss Rudd’s disgraceful attack on asylum, what’s behind it and what we can do about it before and after the election.

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More speakers for Keep Left have been confirmed including Left Flank’s Tad Tietze, CFMEU Korean organiser Chikmann Koh, Solidarity’s Ian Rintoul and Paddy Gibson and academics Tom Barnes and Phil Griffiths. Full details are here

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HALL GREENLAND has joined the line-up for Keep Left. Hall is The Greens candidate for Grayndler in the upcoming federal election. He is also a veteran leftwing activist who participated in the original freedom rides, the campaign against the war in Vietnam and Australia’s emerging new left, the author of Red Hot: The Life and Times of Nick Origlass and a journalist. He will be speaking on “Voting with our feet”, a panel on the the election and social movements today, alongside Herwan, Katerina and activists from Solidarity.